Sea Kite

by Julian Cartwright

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Made in 3 locations over 4 years.
A Good Rays Production.


released September 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Julian Cartwright New Jersey

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Track Name: Sign of the Feeling
When I detected everything,
that’s when I came to see
I was addicted to reason and hopeless.
Then I took an elevator,
immediately felt better.
There was a picture of Elvis,
of the King.

It was a sign of the feeling.
Everything seemed like the sign of a feeling,
Couldn’t see that it was the feeling of needing a sign.

Further up, the town looked boundless,
and I almost wanted to jump out of it.
Even as I went, my soul was formless,
and I was increasingly informed of this.
But don’t ask me about it.

I became aware that I was running out of time,
with no days or seconds to detect.
Because I no longer had any respect
for the feeling of needing a sign, and yet
there I was, perfectly reasonable,
convinced of a helpless sensation.
I would have been singing a different tone
had I been paying attention
to my elevation
then I hit the ceiling,
it was a sign of the feeling.
Oh me, oh my.
When I hit the ceiling, it was a sign of the feeling.
Can’t see it now to say I didn’t see it then,
so I didn’t see it in time.
Track Name: My Heart Today
You got my heart
My heart today.
Maybe you know me,
my heart is not the same.
You got my heart walkin’,
walkin’ in the rain.
But you haven’t got me stoppin
when you walk my way.
And the ground doesn’t feel solid,
you still got it.
You got my heart,
my heart today.
I got it bad, you got it made.
You took my heart walkin’.
Walkin’ in the rain.
And I haven’t forgotten.
No, not no way.
Track Name: Sexyheart
They say love is such a beautiful thing.
It’s been said often
and I often forgot.
They say love is all rubies and rings,
but it’s not.
I have a remarkable feeling
for a sensible heart.
Not a moving sculpture
nor a famous work of art.
Which reminds me, baby.
You got a sexy heart.

You made a kind, generous gesture
which gave me a start.
Love, love is an important thing--
of which you’re the most important part.
Don’t think twice now, baby
cause I knew it from the end
back to the start.
Oh baby
You got a sexy heart.

(although we live apart)
Track Name: Demons In Love
This is addressed to the demons who break up love,
hearts probably breaking now,
they sent a letter down on a swift-wing dove,
and it was representative of demons in love.

It said, “No love lost is repeatable.”
They shot each other with crossbows
on an all terrain vehicle.
“But my heart is beginning to look ratty.” I said
The demons played hangman,
keeping a tally in my head.

“Couldn’t you save me the trouble today?”
There was a double-play.

This is addressed to the demons who break up love,
hearts probably aching now,
they sent a letter down
but didn’t finish,
leaving me hopeful and diminished.
Track Name: Look at the Sky, Baby!
Went to bed last night and I could not imagine,
what it was I would see in my dream.
Lay down on the bed and wondered
what’s it like to be free?
I’d be the leader of my thought and life,
but I'd feel so set for an ending.

It was like misery: filled with conclusions,
I could not forgive me, I knew the solution.
then I saw you lay beside me, asleep.
It was a dream that you were cryin’
and I sat there and watched you weep.
which caused me to wake up and quiet . . ly
see you lyin' fast asleep.

the longer we go on this way,
the more we have to say.
The more we have to see in our daydreams.
The more we say "daydreams,
daydreams lookin' pretty good today.
But not as good as lookin' your way.
And you, you lookin' my way.

The very sight of you sends shivers down my spine,
thunder rollin’ all the way down that silver line.
I want to show you everything I know,
and point out everything I see,
Come on, get out of bed I want to go!
Keep forgettin’ you’re still asleep. . . .

Look at the cloud, baby
Feelin’ that sound, baby
Always be around, baby
I’ll always be around if they

If they ever put you down, baby
Don’t let em drag you down, baby
I’ll always be around, baby
I’ll always be around

See the rain in the sky, baby
Don’t wanna see you cry, baby
Tears are gonna dry, baby
Those tears are gonna dry.

And we’re all gonna be, baby
we’re all gonna try, baby
We gotta be free, baby (or try. . . )
Everybody be free, yeah

Just look at the sky, baby
Look at the trees, baby
You’re lookin’ at me, baby
You’re lookin’ at me, yeah!