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Heavy rain soaked us to the bone,
so I curled up and made my own.
But I flinched when I heard the sandbags hit the ground
in this hot air balloon skyward bound.
And when mammoths stomped around us like bullies,
they didn’t have to be wooly's.

But we eat sadness, banish fears
like leeks and carrots, radish spheres.
And we drown thoughts tossed with anxiety
in vegan sauces sweet and briny.

It is a kind of therapy.
It helps to ease your mind.
If you are what you eat,
then make it more sublime.

If the thought of violence makes you red,
switch out what you put on your bread,
and if you wouldn’t harm a dog,
then don’t kill a hog to eat.

May you eat hearty and take heart
that this shift will be the start
of a brand new life for you and me,
and for everyone who’ll be allowed to be.


from Everything But The Jokes From Bob's Notebooks, released August 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Julian Cartwright New Jersey

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